Tommy Damora

Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Drum lessons, Mandolin Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Banjo Lessons and Bass Lessons

Music Lessons for Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, Stafford, Fort Bend and Houston


  Mr.Tommy has been playing Guitar for 40 years and teaching for 29 years. During his musical journey Tommy has mastered multiple instruments. Tommy is a well rounded musician who is a joy to be around.

Tommy Damora is an Excellent at Teaching Guitar Lessons, Piano lessons, Mandolin Lessons, Drum Lessons,Ukulele Lessons, Banjo Lessons and Bass Lessons.

  Tommy is great with all types of people and is a great asset to Success Music Studios. He received his college degree from the University of Houston and has studied guitar specialized techniques for many years. You will have a blast taking lessons with Tommy.

Tommy Damora Teaches Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Mandolin Lessons, Drum Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Banjo Lessons and Bass Lessons at Success Music Studios.